mental states

PROSPECTUS  -   C.O. Evans, 2000

The Subject of Consciousness -   C.O. Evans, 1970
The Place of Feeling in Life -   C.O. Evans, 1973
Deflective Attention -   C.O. Evans, 1974
Free Will and Attention -   C.O. Evans, 1975
Consciousness -   C.O. Evans and John Fudjack, 1976

The Subject of Consciousness Revisited -  J. Fudjack, 2000
Daantjie -   C.O. Evans, 1999

On The Paradox of Self-Consciousness
A review of the new book by José Luis Bermudez -   C.O. Evans, 26 Jan 2000
A reply to Evans's review -   José Luis Bermúdez, 6 Feb 2000

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Scientists have called upon philosophers and psychologists (Tucson Conference 'Towards a Science of Consciousness') to give a more accurate account of consciousness, subjectively considered. This website is dedicated to those who wish to work towards consensus on this issue.

The studies presented - selected from the work of C.O. Evans, a philosopher of mind who is an early pioneer in the field of consciousness studies - are offered as pathfinders.

C.O. Evans, 1934 - 2000


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